Toyota All Wheel Drive Land Cruiser

Which Toyota Models Have All Wheel Drive?

As we navigate some slippery roads after a fresh blanket of snow, all wheel drive becomes more necessary than ever.

Many of us woke up this morning to our fair share of snow from the edges of the most recent Nor’easter. Especially in the higher elevations around this part of the country, we can see some significant snowfall when one of these storm systems blows through. The roads are slippery than ever, traffic is slower than ever, and everything seems to take a little longer after we are blanketed with snow. Many folks can’t help but wish for simple fixes to a few of the bigger problems. Most of us are thankful for, or wish for, all wheel drive. If you were wondering Which Toyota Models Have All Wheel Drive, we took it upon ourselves to round up all the models and lay it out for you here. Take a look.

2015 Sienna
Toyota’s minivan is rated as one of the safest minivans of the year, and certainly one of the safest minivans of all time. Each of the trim level configurations offers an all-wheel-drive option to keep you in control and your precious cargo safe.

2015 Tacoma
The Tacoma is still one of the most popular small trucks of all time. Made for taking the path less traveled, each Tacoma truck model offers all wheel drive. This little truck can handle just about any terrain.

2015 Tundra
The Tundra is one of the most versatile, customizable full-size trucks on the market. Several trim levels are available, each with multiple engine options and all with available all wheel drive.

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2015 RAV4
The RAV4 is a small SUV, but the all-wheel-drive configurations make it quite the nimble powerhouse when it comes to navigating some less-than-ideal road conditions. It remains one of the best selling small SUVs in history.

2015 Venza
The 2015 Venza is one of the most reliable crossovers on the market, and the available all-wheel-drive configurations work well to make it one of the most versatile crossovers, too. Its durability is at the top of its class.

2015 Highlander
The full-size Highlander SUV has five trim levels, each of which can be configured to allow all-wheel-drive. It is unbelievably comfortable and without question can handle a lot of different terrain.

2015 4Runner
The 4Runner is another one of those quintessential off-road vehicles. It is legendary for being able to handle any path you head down. All of the available trim levels come with all wheel drive, making it a highly customizable off-roader.

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2015 Sequoia
The Sequoia is an 8-passenger, full-size SUV with three trim levels that all offer all-wheel-drive. The power reclining third row of seats and class-leading cargo space make it a versatile, durable, comfortable powerhouse.

2015 Land Cruiser
Regardless of road conditions, the Toyota Land Cruiser is a great performer. Independent double-wishbone suspension, and unparalleled interior comfort make the Land Cruiser a great choice for anyone looking for a robust, 9-passenger people mover.

If you might be interested in finding out which of these all-wheel-drive Toyota vehicles best suites your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you have a particular model in mind, feel free to schedule a test drive to get a feel for it.