gifony toyota production process

Toyota production process shown with Gifony

Users create tracks with Gifony using GIFs of the Toyota production process

Toyota has created an unconventional link between car manufacturing and music with Gifony. Gifony gives viewers insight into the Toyota production process as well as the sounds and images that go with it. With Gifony, viewers can watch a 2015 Toyota Corolla be assembled while creating their own unique tracks.

Gifony: How it works

Those who use Gifony can take the visuals and sounds created during production of the 2015 Toyota
toyota corolla paint red gifony Corolla
and mix them in order to create unique videos with a remixed dance track. Gifony uses and the visuals from the Blue Springs, MS plant and the sounds from the Georgetown, KY plant.

Gifony was designed to unite car and music lovers alike with its unique combination of sound effects and music.

When users visit the Gifony page, they are given access to 45 GIFs, or looping videos. They are then able to choose at least eight GIFs with which Gifony will compile a remixed video using the images and sounds included in the GIF. Each GIF offers insight into a specific point in the Corolla production process. Not only that, but each GIF features a description of what is happening so viewers can get a closer look at what goes into creating a vehicle.

Viewers are also given the option to watch all of the GIFs, one after the other. This allows them to see the Toyota production process from start to finish.

See Gifony in action in this video:

If you like how your own Gifony remix video turns out, you can share them on Facebook and Twitter. You can also download the custom tracks on SoundCloud.

If you’re interested in getting behind the wheel of a 2015 Toyota Corolla like you see on Gifony, let us know here at Dan Cava’s Toyota World. Here we have a variety of models available in our inventory. If any of them catch your eye, we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment for a test drive.

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