Toyota Mirai ad shows the availability of hydrogen as fuel

Toyota Mirai ad shows the availability of hydrogen as fuel

Toyota converts water to hydrogen to show off hydrogen fuel-cell technology

Known for always looking for ways to improve the fuel efficiency of their vehicles, Toyota has been working on developing a new, alternative fuel resource for their vehicles. Instead of powering their new 2016 Toyota Mirai on finite fossil fuels as most vehicles are today, Toyota has developed a way to make it run on hydrogen fuel cells. To promote the use of hydrogen as a fuel source, Toyota is showing off the Mirai and the availability of hydrogen as a fuel source in the Toyota Mirai adFueled by Oil Creek’, seen below.

As the second video in a series of mini documentaries Toyota has released, ‘Fueled by Oil Creek’ shows the advantages of hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicles over gas-powered vehicles. It focuses on the availability and versatility of hydrogen as a resource, compared to finite oil.

The documentary focuses on Titusville, PA – the original oil town of the 19th century. In the video, students from Titusville visit the town’s famous Oil Creek to take water for their experiment. The water is then split into hydrogen and oxygen gases using electrolysis.  The hydrogen extracted from the water is then used to demonstrate the capability of hydrogen to power a 2016 Toyota Mirai. With the hydrogen received from Oil Creek, the Mirai was able to run for 300 miles.

See the whole video below:

Coming this year: the 2016 Toyota Mirai

Toyota first announced the sales of the Mirai last year in Japan and now it is set to be sold in California in October. For now, the Mirai will only be available in select dealerships in California. It’s unknown when the vehicle will become available across the country.

The model will be priced at $57,500 and offered with a lease option of $499 a month for three years. Toyota intends to make the 2016 Toyota Mirai more available across the country. It will be devoting $170 million to increasing the production capacity of the Mirai.

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