Toyota New Band Busker

Toyota is Putting Together a Band

The Feel the Street contest is going on now to give street musicians a chance to be heard around the world.

Are there any musicians in your life? Do you have friends who occasionally take to the streets or the hallways to play their music? Know anyone who makes their living by collecting coins in a hat or old guitar case? If you said yes, you should probably let them know that Toyota is Putting Together a Band. The final band of six people will be selected online by a global audience over the next couple months, culminating in a nine-day tour across New Zealand with a live stage performance.

Take a look at the teaser video for the Feel the Street contest.

Here is a taste of the myriad of performers the Feeling the Street contest is looking for. You can see it’s quite a wide cross section of musicians.

Anyone interested is encouraged to head to to enter. You must be at least 18 years old and have a Facebook page to enter. Anyone with a Facebook page can also register to vote. The voting process is pretty cool, allowing voters to use $100 in virtual money to drop it in the virtual hats of those musicians they deem worthy. In the end, after the world has voted, a top 40 will be selected, allowing the voters to further narrow the group down into a solid group of 6 people to constitute Toyota’s band.

In addition to the band, each registered voter will also enter the contest, with a group of 6 people finally being selected as roadies for the band. The audience winners will accompany the group to New Zealand.

If you or anyone you know enters the contest, please let us know so we can put our support behind him or her.