toyota mazda partnership

Toyota announces partnership with Mazda

Toyota Mazda partnership offers new developments in the automotive industry

Two automotive giants are joining forces to further advance the automotive industry. Earlier this month, the Toyota Mazda partnership became official. The partnership will lead to collaboration between the two companies in a series of automotive areas. With this long-term partnership, Toyota and Mazda hope to help each other develop even better vehicles.

toyota mazda partnershipBy combining their efforts, the Toyota Mazda partnership will allow both companies to use each other’s resources to complement their own and improve their own products and technologies. Drivers can expect that this collaboration will produce more advanced features and styling out of both Toyota and Mazda.

To ensure that both companies are fully utilized, a joint company comprised of members of both companies has been established. The committee will administer any collaborative efforts and their advancements.

The collaborations covered by the committee will cover a variety of areas in the companies. They will collaborate in areas including each brand’s environmental and advanced safety technology.

Toyota Mazda partnership – working together

This isn’t the first time the two companies have worked together, but it is the most significant. Beforehand, Toyota worked with Mazda by licensing them their hybrid technology. In turn, Mazda has allowed Toyota to use one of its Mexico plants to produce compact cars. Since the companies are known for working well together, we’re anxious to see what great new advancements the companies can make together.

toyota mazda partnershipIn forming the partnership between Toyota and Mazda, both companies have expressed mutual respect for each other. The two companies feature overlapping values and priorities in the automotive industry. Toyota President Akio Toyoda has praised Mazda, stating that its values are much like Toyota’s. He cited the way in which Mazda prioritizes further improving their vehicles is identical to their own. Mazda President and CEO Masamichi Kogai also praised Toyota’s dedication to its historical background. He also stated that the companies intend to work together to improve the automotive industry.

Together, Toyota and Mazda intend to create even more innovations and competition within the automotive industry. They also aim to create further sustainable growth within both companies.

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