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The Importance of Test Driving a Car 

Why do I Need to Test Drive a Car Before Purchasing It?

Though the question appears simple and straightforward, it is very valid and a necessary one given the advancement the automobile industry has achieved over the past decade. According to research by Statista, about 3.4 million cars were sold in the year 2020 in the United States. This is a huge figure. With so many cars being sold, it is required for you as a customer to streamline your own car buying process to land the car that fits you the best. Test driving a car that you have considered for purchase can be a foolproof way to seal the deal.

Our customers love to visit Dan Cava Toyota World in Fairmont, WV, and work with our team to find their perfect Toyota model. With so much information available online, why is it so important to test drive a car before purchasing it?

The final stage of purchase, prior to the billing, is where you need to test drive your car. The reason is simple. Though the whole car buying process is fun, at times it can become a tricky business. You need to make sure your car is the right one for you. Like how Harry Potter’s wand chose him, your car should choose you. The best way to find that connection between you and your car is to take it for a drive.

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Top Test Drive Questions to Ask Yourself

Once inside your car, you could ask yourselves these primary questions to get started:

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  • Am I sitting comfortably?
  • Can I adjust the seat easily?
  • Are the buttons and controls in relatively ergonomic positions?
  • Can I view the road clearly or would something block my view?
  • Are the mirrors well placed?
  • Is there enough leg space at the front and back compartments?
  • Is there enough space for cargo?
  • Are the back seats spacious and comfortable?
  • Are the AC controls working fine?
  • Can I reach the pedals without straining myself?

The 4 Main Factors to Analyze While On a Test Drive

The next important thing is to check the 4 factors: look, listen, touch and balance.

Customer checking steering and dashboard

Look: Most of the information regarding this factor will be obtained from the self-test questions mentioned above. Additionally, you will have to pay attention to the dashboard and analyze its layout and design. The dashboard is an area that you would use the most, especially during long drives. So, make sure you find it comfortable to read and appealing.

Listen: This factor is very crucial in finalizing a car. This begins the moment you enter your car and close the doors. Observe if the door sounds are fine. Start the engine, rev it up, listen to the sounds and check for abnormality if any. Once you are driving the car, check the brakes, acceleration, and the other controls and listen to the various sounds. If you feel everything is fine, it is good to go.

Driver changing AC controls in a car

Touch: When inside the car, feel all possible touchpoints: steering, consoles, dashboard, seats, buttons, and others. Check if they are in good condition and comfortable to work with. When driving the car, observe whether the steering pressure is good for you. Check if the pedal controls are also comfortable to work with.

Customer taking a car for a test drive and checking the car's balance

Balance: This is probably the most important factor among the lot. Balance is the key to a wholesome driving experience. Each of us has our own driving styles. Observe whether the car is syncing with your own driving style. If it does, then you have found your car. If not, it would be wise to move on to another model. 

These are some concrete ways for you to identify the ride that fits your need and style. Test driving a car before purchasing it can ensure you leave Dan Cava Toyota World in the best Toyota for you.

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