Toyota Venza Discontinued West Virginia

Production of the Toyota Venza Will Cease

Toyota makes some tough choices, making their crossover lineup a bit leaner than before.

The Toyota Venza is only eight years old, and over the last eight years it has existed in a segment with ever-increasing competition. The midsize crossover segment took off about the same time as when the Venza was first introduced, and has since become quite crowded. While demand only continues to increase in the crossover space, many automakers have had to make some difficult decisions over the last couple years to refocus their brand. Toyota has to recently make one of those difficult decisions when they decided Production of the Toyota Venza Will Cease.

“There were a number of factors that led to this decision including customer preference, competitiveness within the segment and deteriorating sales,” Toyota said in a statement. “Despite our best efforts, careful consideration and analysis, it was determined that it was in our best interest to wind down production as resources would be strained.”

Sales may have been stagnant in some markets, but a lot of people around here still love their Toyota Venza. It is one of those rare vehicles that manages to fit nicely between others. It is a little bit bigger than the Toyota RAV4, and it is a bit smaller than the full-size Highlander SUV. The Venza was always hard to pin down with some traits of a small minivan, a lot of features of an SUV, the responsiveness and smoothness of a large sedan, and the convenience and practicality of a wagon. But it is those features that make it so popular around here. We are going to be sad to see it go.

Often times, when a car company ends a production line, jobs are lost and restructuring is in order. But Toyota made this decision to coincide with a few upcoming production ramp ups so that not one of the 7,300 people currently working in the Georgetown, Kentucky assembly plant will be displaced. Everyone is keeping their jobs, thanks to the newly redesigned and refreshed Toyota Avalon. A series of new features for the next model year have this full-size sedan slated as one of next years top performers. Moreover, by removing the Venza from the lineup, sales of the RAV4 and Highlander are expected to increase exponentially over the coming year. Production across the board is increasing as Toyota enjoys one of its best years in history.

Our current Toyota Venza inventory represents what is sure to become one of the most hard-to-find vehicles in all of West Virginia in the coming months. If you see a model you’d like to take out for a test drive, be sure to come on in for a spin. Also, it needs to be said that we will be able to service your new Venza for the entire life of the vehicle. Toyota isn’t going anywhere. And neither are we. So if you have any apprehension about buying the last of rare breed, you shouldn’t. It’s a solid choice.