Meaning of the Toyota Emblem

What is the Story of the Toyota Emblem?

Meaning of the Toyota Emblem

Toyota is one of the most recognizable brands in the world thanks to its 3-circle logo. But have you ever wondered what is the meaning of the Toyota emblem? We can promise you that it is an interesting story no matter if you are a Toyota fan, a driver who is considering a Toyota as your next vehicle, or someone who has a special interest in logos and branding.

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When was the Current Toyota Emblem Born?

The 3-circle logo that Toyota currently uses dates back to 1989, though it did not appear on any products or in advertising until the following year. One of the reasons why the logo was made was to celebrate Toyota’s 50th anniversary. During that first half century, there was an inconsistency with the company’s spelling. It was originally spelled “Toyoda” for the company’s founding family, but had evolved into “Toyota” and many products were carrying one label or the other. So the logo was designed to bring consistency and to create identity standards for the company.

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3-circle logo of ToyotaWhat Does the 3-Circle Emblem Mean?

The two smaller circles within the larger circle form the letter “T”. This represents “Toyota”, along with “trust” between the brand and the driver. The larger circle completes the look and symbolizes technological innovation and globalization.

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