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2021 Toyota Electrified SUVs along with their owners

Latest Toyota Electrified SUVs in 2021

What are the Electric Motor SUVs from Toyota in 2021?

Toyota has always been a powerful brand in the auto industry. As pioneers of modern vehicle technology, the brand has yet again made huge strides forward. The current lineup of Toyota’s electrified vehicles is mouthwatering. The list does not stop here, and with the reputation that the brand holds, it is likely to grow over the next few years.

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2021 Toyota Venza side and rear profile

High-tech features and luxurious comfort options fill interior of new 2021 Toyota Venza

2021 Toyota Venza Features and Options 

If you want to drive a new hybrid crossover that can offer you all the qualities you want and need on the road, you’ll find that there are many to choose from. However, if you also want a new hybrid crossover that can give you the traction control of all-wheel drive and the interior refinement and luxury you desire, the 2021 Toyota Venza stands out as the best vehicle. With a long list of high-tech features and luxurious comfort options to choose from, the 2021 Toyota Venza is an easy pick for a new hybrid crossover. 

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Two 2021 Toyota Venza crossovers parked next to each other

7 Exterior paint color options to choose from when buying a new 2021 Toyota Venza

2021 Toyota Venza Color Options 

The hybrid crossover SUV segment has a new vehicle that is dominating as a top choice thanks to its incredible fuel efficiency, sporty looks and long list of features. The new 2021 Toyota Venza has everything you’re looking for in a new fuel-efficient hybrid crossover and so much more. With seven available exterior paint color options to choose from, you’ll be able to get the look and style you want in your new crossover when choosing the new 2021 Toyota Venza. 

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Toyota Venza Discontinued West Virginia

Production of the Toyota Venza Will Cease

Toyota makes some tough choices, making their crossover lineup a bit leaner than before.

The Toyota Venza is only eight years old, and over the last eight years it has existed in a segment with ever-increasing competition. The midsize crossover segment took off about the same time as when the Venza was first introduced, and has since become quite crowded. While demand only continues to increase in the crossover space, many automakers have had to make some difficult decisions over the last couple years to refocus their brand. Toyota has to recently make one of those difficult decisions when they decided Production of the Toyota Venza Will Cease. Read the rest of this entry >>

Toyota All Wheel Drive Land Cruiser

Which Toyota Models Have All Wheel Drive?

As we navigate some slippery roads after a fresh blanket of snow, all wheel drive becomes more necessary than ever.

Many of us woke up this morning to our fair share of snow from the edges of the most recent Nor’easter. Especially in the higher elevations around this part of the country, we can see some significant snowfall when one of these storm systems blows through. The roads are slippery than ever, traffic is slower than ever, and everything seems to take a little longer after we are blanketed with snow. Many folks can’t help but wish for simple fixes to a few of the bigger problems. Most of us are thankful for, or wish for, all wheel drive. If you were wondering Which Toyota Models Have All Wheel Drive, we took it upon ourselves to round up all the models and lay it out for you here. Take a look. Read the rest of this entry >>