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2019 Toyota Sienna exterior front fascia and passenger side going fast on road

Should I get the 2019 Toyota Sienna minivan or a Toyota SUV?

You might have some negative feelings about minivans, if only because they don’t usually have the imposing stature that SUVs have or the streamlined sophistication of sedans. But many of the modern minivans like the 2019 Toyota Sienna no longer have that in-your-face ‘minivan’ look. Instead, they have come into a style all their own, and they come with some pretty great perks. Let’s check out what some of them are. Read the rest of this entry >>

2019 Toyota Corolla exterior front fascia and drivers side going fast on road

2019 Toyota Corolla interior spacing and cargo capacity

If you are a Corolla enthusiast, but don’t really like the look of the hatchback, then you’ll probably gravitate more towards the 2019 Toyota Corolla sedan. It still has plenty of space, but it has that classic sedan look that even the best hatchbacks can’t really pull off. Let’s take a look at your interior spacing and cargo capacities for the 2019 Corolla. Read the rest of this entry >>

Happy couple loading cargo into the rear of a red 2018 Toyota Prius

What are the Passenger & Cargo Capacities of the 2018 Toyota Prius?

2018 Toyota Prius Cargo & Passenger Capacities

When you are looking into a hybrid vehicle it is for its excellent performance and efficiency specs, because filling-up less and driving more is what owning an economical hybrid vehicle is all about.  But once you set eyes on the 2018 Toyota Prius, all of your expectations of what a hybrid vehicle is and what it can be will be shattered.  The 2018 Toyota Prius provides its owners with a sleek and sculpted exterior appeal as well as ample interior cargo and passenger space, because what good is owning a fuel-efficient hybrid if you can’t fit everything you want inside.  Find out all of the 2018 Prius’ cargo and passengers capacities along with its cabin comforts right here and you might just take it home today with you. Read the rest of this entry >>

Passenger side exterior view of a gray 2018 Toyota C-HR

How Much Can the 2018 Toyota C-HR Fit Inside?

2018 Toyota C-HR Passenger & Cargo Capacities

From the front fascia, the sleek and stretched headlights flow into the sculpted fenders creating the beginning of a body line that runs the length of the profile of the 2018 Toyota C-HR.  The streamlined and sporty exterior allure of the 2018 Toyota C-HR is highlighted by integrated rear doors that blend right into the body and gives the 4-door crossover SUV the look of a 2-door coupe.  Even with all of the aerodynamic allure of the 2018 Toyota C-HR it still provides ample interior cargo and passenger space.  Flexible seating and ingenious storage solutions maximize every inch of the available interior room all will providing a comfortable and connected ride.  Find out exactly how much the 2018 Toyota C-HR can fit inside right here along with its other awesome interior features. Read the rest of this entry >>