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Camping In Your Prius

There are a lot of options when it comes to sleeping in your car. Here are a few.

We’ve all been there. You’re driving along in your Toyota Prius and you think, “If I just put a mattress in the back, I could practically live in here.” Okay, maybe not everyone thinks like that, and maybe not everyone drives a Prius, although some days it certainly seems that way. But earlier this month, one Australian man had the brilliant idea to turn his Toyota Prius into a caravan of sorts. It’s rustic, and didn’t cost that much, and best of all it is two stories. Camping In Your Prius is a lot easier than you might realize.

Australian, James Lawler, was going to one of Australia’s bigger music festivals earlier this month and he knew most of his friends would be spending their nights on the ground or in a tent. He knew he didn’t want that. So with $150 and some ingenuity, he built a sort of miniature house on the back of his Toyota Prius.

His design featured a two-story house, with the bedroom sitting directly on the hood of his car. Looking out the second story from the bed is a stained glass window, and beneath, on the first floor, is the back of the prius itself. It’s pretty rudimentary, but it worked well! Well, after declaring that he would be taking it apart, James did make a comment about needing his next design to stand up to the elements a little better.

“I would like to build a caravan along the same style but a bit more water tight,” said Lawler.

In any case, the Prius actually is a great vehicle for camping. There are almost 70 cubic feet of cargo space behind the front seats. A standard two-person tent has about that same amount of space, so it is actually quite practical. This video sums up the viability of Prius camping pretty well.

But if you are looking for a more bulky experience, there is always this… contraption.