2016 Toyota Corolla Fuel Economy and Distance Capability

How Far Can the 2016 Toyota Corolla Take You?

2016 Toyota Corolla Fuel Economy and Distance Capability

The Toyota Corolla is celebrating a big milestone birthday—50 years! During its lifetime so far, the Corolla has earned a reputation for being dependable with a great fuel economy. For 2016, the Toyota Corolla’s fuel economy is better than ever, which increases its distance capability. So how far can you go in the 2016 Toyota Corolla? Read on to find out!

Fuel Economy of the 2016 Toyota Corolla

The secret to the 2016 Toyota Corolla’s amazing fuel economy is a 1.8L 4-cylinder DOHC engine equipped with dual VVT-i (or valvematic technology for the LE Eco trim). This engine allows the 2016 Corolla to achieve an estimated fuel economy of 28 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway.

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2016 Toyota Corolla's fuel economy and fuel tank will take you farHow Far Can the 2016 Corolla Go with One Tank of Fuel?

With its 13.2-gallon tank, you can go between 277 and 366 miles before hitting the quarter-tank mark. We chose to calculate this way because it is in your (and your Corolla’s) best interest to not run your 2016 Corolla on empty. With this calculated distance capability, the 2016 Corolla can take you from Whitehall, WV to Philadelphia, Niagara Falls, Toledo, Lexington, Charlotte, or Richmond on one tank of fuel!

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Plenty of Trunk Space for Your Road Trip

Of course, whenever you go on a long distance road trip, you always need to bring plenty of gear to make the experience more exciting. Whether it is clothing, sporting equipment, or snacks, the 2016 Toyota Corolla can carry it all with its spacious trunk volume of 13 cubic feet!

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Try Out the 2016 Edition of the Corolla Now!

No matter if you want to stay close to home and enjoy your daily commute or plan to hit the road and explore a new city, the long-time favorite Toyota Corolla is an excellent choice. Try out the 2016 edition of this compact sedan by contacting Dan Cava’s Toyota and scheduling a test drive!