Quick and easy food to make for your summer cookout

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If the 4th of July left you floundering for foods to cook, you can be prepared next time you hold a summer cookout. Take a look at some quick and easy foods you can prepare beforehand, and others that you can let your guests assemble for themselves!

Foods to grill

Kebobs: No matter if you go with a classic savory kebob, or branch out into a fruity one, these are simple, quick, and quite easy to make. Plus, it’s easy to personalize each one. If you have many people over, you can set out a variety of different ingredients pre-chopped (peppers, onions, pineapple, strawberries, etc) and let your guests assemble their own food to their liking.

grilled chicken with saladGrilled Chicken: Grilled chicken can take a bit longer to cook than kebobs, but you can end up with a juicy, delicious meal that pairs well with salads and fruit alike. Marinade the chicken beforehand, or sprinkle on your favorite spices before grilling.

Salad: You don’t have to cook a salad so much as chop up ingredients to throw in with some leafy greens. That’s why salads are perfect for your cookout. They can be eaten as a side, or as the main course. Either way, it’s another dish that is easy to have people assemble on their own.

Grilled Fruit: Peaches, pears, pineapples, apples, even watermelon! Grilling fruit may sound strange, but it is delicious and easy. All you have to do is slice the fruit, then stick it on the grill!

Of course, these are only a few options. We stayed away from things like steak, since those can be a bit more finicky to cook. The versatility and variety of this list makes for something that everyone can find tasty.

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