Change, Pride and Confidence in New Toyota Corolla “Why I Do” Commercial Series

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2017 Toyota Corolla Morgantown WV

How do you choose the vehicles that eventually end up in your driveway? Is it possible to identify factors outside of fuel economy and cargo volume to explain why a particular model strikes someone like it does? That’s a question answered in a new series of commercials depicting drivers of the new Toyota Corolla, each of which is titled “Why I Do.” Take a look, and schedule your next Toyota Corolla test drive at Cava Toyota today!

Toyota Corolla “Why I Do” Commercial Series

Why I Do…Change

Here, we see educator Chris Bennett using innovative techniques to give parents and students a leg up on their learning experience.

Why I Do…Pride

Here, we find Sade Moore instilling pride in her community by adding color to places where it was seldom found previously.

Why I Do…Confidence

Finally, Jaystar Page uses his gifts to provide added confidence to kids who are still learning to express themselves.

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